Hampton Roads Transit Welcomes Twenty-Eight New Buses to its Fleet

Hampton Roads Transit hosted a ribbon cutting July 26, 2018 before its monthly Commission meeting to celebrate the arrival of twenty-eight new buses to serve the Southeastern Virginia market.

“Few investments are as important to transit as buses,” said William Harrell, president and CEO of Hampton Roads Transit. “Older buses require more maintenance and are less reliable. Some of our buses are well beyond their expected life. We are working hard to replace older buses equipment to enhance the transit experience, both for customers and our operators.”

The buses were paid for by the Commonwealth of Virginia which picked up 70 percent of the $13.6 million and the federal government chipped in 27 percent. Local cities contributed three percent.

These new buses replace some of the agency’s older ones to enhance the transit experience for its operators and customers.

HRT ordered thirteen 29-footers, seven 35-footers, three 40-footers, and five 40-foot Metro Area Express buses. MAX routes are intra-city commuter service for Hampton Roads.

The buses will cost $13,620,711, including on-site inspections, training, spare parts, etc. The agency ordered mostly 29-footers to better fit the neighborhood-styled routes that have smaller roads and tighter turning demands.

“It’s important to invest in infrastructure to improve the customer experience,” Harrell said. “Hampton Roads Transit’s vision is to be a valued regional partner that drives prosperity and makes life better for our community.”