Lunch with HRT’s Jamie Jackson and Alisa Crider

Hampton Roads Transit was honored to host the Women’s Transportation Seminar Hampton Roads Chapter on September 19 at its 18th Street facility.

Jamie Jackson, Director of Transit Development and Alisa Crider, Public Relations Coordinator were the presenters for the event.

High capacity transit projects, whether they are Light Rail, Bus Rapid Transit, or Streetcar have shown their impact on the growth of transit systems/ridership and their impact on economic development for the cities that embrace these systems. Hampton Roads Transit is engaged in planning projects on the Southside and the Peninsula that are predicted to have such transformative impacts. Jamie Jackson gave an overview of these projects, how they compare to other projects throughout the country, and how they could potentially transform the region.

Hampton Roads Transit has an award winning marketing and communications department who manages the internal and external communications and outreach for the agency. Alisa Crider spoke about different initiatives the department is involved in to improve the agency and increase ridership as well as touched on a few emerging technologies that have helped advance the agency and improve transit operations.

About WTS HRC:

The Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) Hampton Roads Chapter (HRC), established in 2011, is a local professional organization dedicated to advancing women in transportation. Each year, WTS HRC provides educational and informational speaker series luncheons and tours featuring professionals in various modes of transportation. Our annual spring reception celebrates the accomplishments of the regional transportation community and awards scholarships to women pursuing degrees in transportation. We are also involved with promoting STEM related careers in K-12 classrooms and supporting local charities.

Chapter Mission: Transforming transportation through the leadership of women in the Hampton Roads Region.

Chapter Goals:

  • Facilitate dynamic partnerships that foster transportation solutions within the Hampton Roads Region.
  • Create an environment that shapes executable transportation decisions.
  • Expand opportunities for our membership in the transportation industry through professional development, mentoring, and strategic positioning.
  • Provide leadership in the global transportation community.
  • Become a leading source and authority throughout the transportation industry in the Hampton Roads Region.