Connect Hampton Roads® is a high-level, multimodal planning initiative that began in 2014. The core concept is simple — Hampton Roads needs a mix of reliable transportation options to support regional connectivity and prosperity.

A Continuing Initiative

Through collaboration and a willingness to drive a bold new agenda forward, stakeholders across Hampton Roads can work together to:

  • Greatly enhancing access to employment centers and other locations
  • Meeting demand for reliable transportation options
  • Supporting the region’s workforce and families
  • Helping attract and support thriving businesses

Action Items

Here’s the “To Do” list:

  • Collaborate regionally, refine and finalize a fresh vision and action plan for better regional transit
  • Establish a new regional transit funding model
  • Adopt new accountability provisions for new funding and plan implementation

“Core 20” Proposal

We have good data, including input from more than 14,000 participants in regional Connect Hampton Roads surveys and HRT’s Transit Development Plan.

One concept is to implement a core regional bus network through upgrading existing services. With adequate funding (which Hampton Roads does not currently have), the basic idea would be:

In 5 Years: Achieve a new core network connecting the region’s major employment, education, healthcare, and retail centers. This would include:

  • State-of-the-art technology and customer amenities
  • New, nicer buses with better frequency and reliability
  • Seamless links with other transportation providers
  • Simpler ways to pay fares and access the system
  • Study options to construct high capacity projects

In 10-15 Years: Make targeted improvements that make sense for the region.

  • Continue incremental improvements to core regional system as more riders get on board
  • Pursue high capacity transit connectors, like Bus Rapid Transit on the Peninsula and extending The Tide light rail to Naval Station Norfolk
  • Customized shuttle and circulator services in niche markets

We are now taking a fresh “blank slate” approach to what the future regional transit system — especially the bus network — should be. Whatever results come from the Transit Transformation Project (transformtransit.com), we can’t wait 50 years to get things done.

Hampton Roads needs to act soon to 1. Fix what is broken or missing, and 2. Implement efficient and reliable transit services that strategically connect the region.