We are taking a fresh “blank slate” approach!

As part of new strategic planning effort, Hampton Roads Transit is working with local and regional partners to determine what changes should be made to improve the region’s main transit system. Get more info at transformtransit.com.


Imagine a future with a variety of ways to get around Hampton Roads. The goal is to support outcomes that are essential to the region’s long-term success.

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Tanya Canty
Connect Hampton Roads is a...
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  • Robust regional transportation is of paramount importance for the growth of our economy, responsible stewardship of the environment, and the quality of life in our communities. I support the mission of Connect Hampton Roads by using public transportation as my primary mode of travel.

    Gloria Ann Whittico
    Law Professor
  • Having a reliable and consistent public transit option is pivotal for a growing region like Hampton Roads. Increasing public transit options allows employees to spend less time commuting, reduces roadway congestion, incentivizes residents to travel easily between cities for entertainment, and enables tourists to explore all that Hampton Roads has to offer.

    Julia Rust
    Attorney at PIERCE / MCCOY
    Immediate Past Chair of tHRive
  • The Peninsula has a bright future, and having the right mix of reliable transportation options is essential to our growth and prosperity. A key part of that mix is better public transportation that is safe, convenient and cost-effective, connecting employees with employers and customers with businesses. Let’s Connect Hampton Roads.

    Mike Kuhns
    Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
  • Young professionals heavily weigh a city’s access to high quality public transportation when deciding where to live. It’s imperative that Hampton Roads continues to build on its public transportation options to grow as a competitive region. By investing in multi-modal transit, we invest in our region’s economy.

    Julia Rust
    Attorney at PIERCE / MCCOY
    Immediate Past Chair of tHRive